Glorious Four Seasons in Joetsu—AUTUMN


Japan is known for having distinctive four seasons, and in Joetsu, there are many ways you can enjoy the incomparable beauty of the spring, summer, autumn, and winter.

Autumn is the season of harvest. Joetsu is one of the major production areas of rice in Japan. The rice fields turn into glorious golden yellow and the mountains are tinged with red leaves. They make one of the most colorful sceneries in Joetsu. Rice from Joetsu tastes extraordinary good, and that is why sake also turns out to be super-delicious. Sake-Matsuri is a festive event held in October for those who admire Japanese sake. Most of the sake breweries in the Joetsu region gather and open a big market on the main street of Joetsu. In this festival, various kinds of sake and wine made in the Joetsu region can be tasted at a price of 1500 yen.

ricefield sake